Do WordPress Website Security Plugins Really Work? [Latest With Proof]

WordPress is no-doubt a Secure CMS. But, sometimes due to a lack of Human Attention or due to some unforeseen scenarios the security of the website goes for a toss putting the website and the customer-data at severe risk of theft/loss.

Websites need to be secure in order to protect the trust of its customers and visitors. Visitors must feel safe without the fear of the security of their data or activities they perform on your WordPress Website.

Do WordPress Website Security Plugin useful? or Do they help in preventing Security Attacks on your WordPress Website? In this article, you will find the answer to these questions and How Hide My WP Security Plugin handles the Security of your WordPress Website.

WordPress is no-doubt a Secure CMS. But, sometimes due to a lack of Human Attention or due to some unforeseen scenarios the security of the website goes for a toss putting the website and the customer-data at severe risk of theft/loss.

Here we have discussed about:

There are many factors involved in determining the upholding capabilities of the website which are not limited to:

  • Using a Trusted Hosting Provider
  • Regular Maintainance of the website by performing Security Audits
  • Keeping the Third-Party access to your website minimal
  • Downloading and Using Trusted WordPress Plugins form genuine sources
  • Avoiding the use of Nulled Themes/Plugins without proper background checks on your website.
  • Potential Human Factors following Best Safety Practices and Knowledge of Online Security.

Keeping these factors in mind you must figure out the amount of risk involved in your WordPress website getting hacked or getting under an attack in the near future.

To prevent such an adverse security situation you need to have a robust prevention system in place to tackle such incidents. Thankfully in WordPress, we have the amazing support of Security Plugins that can handle such tasks.

Lets Talk! WordPress Website Security Issues

Let’s get this straight, WordPress is by far the most popular platform for setting up websites and blogs. Meaning it is simple to use and has better features that can be used by the masses

WordPress hacking is not something that is new, WordPress plugins are most vulnerable to XSS and SQL Injection type of attacks. In fact, 98% of WordPress vulnerabilities are related to plugins.

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Due to such a huge user base, it remains the most favorite target for hackers. WordPress has a limited amount of plugins in its official repository 58,051 plugins to be precise. This means users tend to use a lot of third-party plugins that are not directly under the control of the WordPress core and becomes difficult to judge the security and effectiveness of these plugins.

This is where you need something to monitor and prevent security attacks on your site. You can install security-oriented plugins such as Hide My WP to monitor the well being of your website.

Importance of WordPress Website Security Plugin

WordPress Security Plugin like Hide My WP from wpWave works as an active shield preventing orchestrated cyber attacks by hiding your WordPress from Attackers, Spammers, and Theme Detectors.

The plugin is updated regularly as new security vulnerabilities are revealed and worked upon. The plugin alerts you as soon as it detects suspicious activity on your WordPress website and briefs you with attacker information like the Risk Involved, Page Attacked, Impact on your Website, Attacker IP Address and more such details.

This WordPress Website Security Plugin detects and blocks Cross-Site Scripting Attacks, SQL Injection Attacks, Brute Force Attacks, Cross-Site Request Forgery Attacks, and more such Advanced Security Attacks that tend to steal valuable information or deface your Website.

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In reality, it hides the fact that your Website runs on WordPress by hiding the names of the themes and plugins and hiding the wp-login path. Don’t worry even if you use it yourself none of the files/folders from the server will be changed they remain in their default location just the access to it is controlled which guarantees maximum compatibility for the plugin.

If you don’t believe these claims and want to test the capabilities of Hide MY WP WordPress Security Plugin then, experience it yourself by trying to find if a demo WordPress website using the Hide My WP Plugin is actually operating on WordPress CMS or not.

For verifying it, you can use popular tools like Wappalyzer, Built With, CMS Detect, Scan WP, WP Detector, or any other tool of your choice.

Below are some of the paths/names that are kept secret:

  • It can Hides wp-login.php
  • It can Hide or change wp-admin and all of its files
  • It can change the WordPress theme directory, remove theme Info from the stylesheet, replace default WP classes, and finally minify it!
  • It can Change plugins directory and hash plugins name
  • It can Change upload URL, wp-includes folder, AJAX URL, etc.
  • It can Change WordPress queries URL.
  • It can Change the author permalink (or disable it!)
  • It can Change or disable feeds
  • It can Hide all other WordPress files!
  • It can Disable WordPress archives, categories, tags, pages, posts, etc.

And, just not this Hide My WP’s Intrusion Detection System Engine actively blocks SQL Injection and XSS Types of attacks so that the website remains uninterrupted and you can focus on other important things.

Final Verdict

Do WordPress Website Security Plugins Work - Hide My WP Security Plugin

WordPress Website Security Plugins actually work and are important for your WordPress website’s protection. The Plugin has been installed by 28000+ users and remains the Best Selling Security Plugin on Code Canyon.

Hide My WP Plugin is a trusted WordPress security plugin that has helped thousands of website owners prevent security attacks and secure the website by blocking suspicious attackers and bots.

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If you want to learn more about the plugin and its features you can visit the Hide My WP Official Website.

If you are still not satisfied with the plugin’s capabilities or it’s working and want to try out its Free Lite version before purchasing the Full-Fledged Version you can actually do so by downloading Hide My WP Lite from the official WordPress Repository.

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