How to Hide your WordPress theme from tools like isitwp and what wordpress theme is that?

Detectors like, isitwp or what WordPress site is that can expose that you are using WordPress and even the theme name itself. In this article, we will learn about how to hide your WordPress.

Looking for a solution to hide your WordPress site from theme detectors like isitwp or what WordPress site is that? Then you are at the right place, here we discuss an amazing plugin Hide My WP to get rid of your worries on theme detectors and keep your site safe and secure.

Websites like,, isitwp, what wordpress theme is that, wpthemedetector, whatcms, etc. are highly used to research and detect themes of a WordPress website or websites using WordPress CMS. As attackers need to know the site CMS to plan and attack a particular website.

Hide My WP can hide your WordPress from Online theme and WP detectors

These sites fetch the URL and look for indicators in the HTML headers. Indicators range from the very obvious <meta> tag or “powered-by” header to less obvious directory structures, asset files, JavaScript code, and more.

Securing your website is essential to avoid it getting hacked/spoofed. There are many peeping toms out there keeping an evil eye on your website to get the benefit of your hard work. It can be your business competitor or just a random hacker fooling around. It’s better to protect your website, rather than getting hacked sooner or later.

Attackers may try to spoof your website or try to break-in to mislead your customers/visitors and direct them to a hoax website having the same design as yours with a similar-looking URL damaging your brand value and reputation indirectly causing monetary loss. The admin URL is the most common path that hackers use to break your WordPress site.

Being able to cover up the common paths is critical because you get to keep intruders away from sensitive website data. When your website gets hacked it creates a grave situation where you actually can’t do anything, till the time you get control over it then it gets too late and the damage is already done. Perhaps the best decision would be to already be prepared and start working where the damage can happen.

For this, you require technical knowledge and you should know the in-depth working of your website. There is an easy way to do this too, that is by using a Plugin. Plugins are the best way of inducting awesome functionalities to your site without knowing how to code. They are user-friendly and easy to use.

Hide My WP is one such trusted WordPress Security Plugin that works and handles all of the security needs of your WordPress Website. It’s a feature-rich security plugin and houses many essential security features leaving no stone unturned. It’s easy to install and setup.

It hides your WordPress site from hacker bots, making it difficult to get noticed. It protects your code by changing the main paths and patterns used by bots to identify your website.

  • It Hides common paths like /wp-login.php and /wp-admin. Replaces all instances of WordPress, practically hiding that WordPress is being used.
  • Smart Intrusion Detection System engine autoblocks attacks like SQL Injection and XSS.
  • It auto-blocks attackers with a robust trust network that proactively protects WordPress from unknown attackers.

Industry Leading features like Blocking Direct Access to PHP files, Protect WP Common Paths & Files, Script & SQL Injection Firewall, Brute Force Protection, Disable directory Listing, Minify HTML and CSS, and much more.

The best part is that it has a Lite Version, you can try installing this before buying the main Plugin. Hide My WP is fast and doesn’t interfere with other WordPress plugins. It’s been tested with n number of Plugins for compatibility, and also has an active support team to handle all your support queries.

It has two variants Regular and Extended, the Hide My WP Regular supports only one website whereas Hide My WP Extended supports up to 5 websites. The plugin has more than 26,000+ installations and receives regular updates with the latest security measures.

To know more about this awesome plugin view all its features. Stay connected for more such useful posts.