How to secure your WordPress Website?

Securing WordPress site is of utmost importance. There are many threats lurking around which could cause harm to your website. Hide My WP plugin is a simple way to get rid of all the threats and fully secure your WordPress site.

Securing WordPress site is of utmost importance. There are many threats lurking around which could cause harm to your website. Hide My WP plugin is a simple way to get rid of all the threats and fully secure your WordPress site.

WordPress is powerful. It’s the most popular and highly used CMS in the world. It powers almost 32% of the internet [W3Techs] and runs around 75 million sites [WordCamp]on the web. It is open-source and is being updated by thousands of developers worldwide.

Time and again you might have heard or seen Websites getting hacked, data getting stolen, original content replaced with explicit images, hateful and derogatory content being posted, users getting logged out, and are being asked to pay a ransom, etc.

The list is endless. You may someday face the same security issues with your WordPress website which others are facing once you get famous or people start noticing your stuff. If you are an online business then the chances are higher of your site getting attacked. You need to be prepared and secure your site.

Why security is important?

If your WordPress site is not secure then,

  • It is open to attackers/hackers to cause serious damage to your site and indirectly affecting your business revenue.
  • User’s data or site data can be stolen, tampered or in the worst case get sold on the dark web.
  • It can be used to spread malware, affecting many more sites.
  • Hackers can create a backdoor on your site making it accessible to them whenever needed.
  • Your site can be used for illegal activities and spreading hate.
  • Private data can be exposed affecting your reputation.

How to secure your WP website?

To prevent your site from these attacks make sure to follow the necessary steps:

  • Keep your WordPress site updated

WordPress regularly releases security updates which helps to optimize your site as well as help it keep secured from attackers. You can use the WordPress Dashboard to keep informed about updates and update your site as soon as you come across an update notification.

One of the main reason of WordPress site getting hacked is as a vulnerability is discovered in WordPress and a new version is released to address the issues, the information required to exploit the vulnerability is almost certainly available in public domain making it more simple for hackers to locate the issue in old un-updated sites.

  • Invest in a good hosting platform

Hosting your site in a good hosting environment is important. Today there are a number of hosting platforms available offering various levels of hosting packages. They do offer good protection at a certain level but that’s not enough.

Do read the terms and conditions of hosting providers before investing. Check their support page, inquire about the security measures they provide. Research online about their service and the way they handle their clients.

If possible invest in a Managed WordPress hosting which is more secure where some companies do provide automatic WordPress updates and more advanced security measures for your website.

  • Use strong passwords

Having a strong and complex password eventually solves most of your issues. WordPress features a password strength meter which is shown when changing your password in WordPress.

There are various third-party applications that can automatically create strong and secure passwords. Eventually, you are doing this to stop attackers from brute-forcing your login page with various permutations and combinations of characters and letters and break-in your WordPress site.

  • Use a WordPress Security Plugin

Plugins are the best source to get reliable working functionality that enhances your website. WordPress has an ocean of plugins in their directory. There are plugins for every functionality you may think of in WordPress. You can also download plugins for markets like CodeCanyon.

Hide My WP is one of those reliable security Plugins for WordPress that protects your WordPress website by hiding the authentication paths like wp-admin, wp-login.php and wp-login and change the common WordPress paths like wp-content, wp-includes, uploads and more to custom upload paths, author paths, plugin paths, rename plugin folders, rename theme folders, etc. so that attackers, spammers, and theme detectors won’t know you are using WordPress.

There are hosts of other features that make Hide My WP best in the WordPress Security segment. It detects and blocks XSS, SQL Injection types of security attacks on your WordPress website. Basically, it won’t let the hackers know that you use a WordPress CMS. To learn more about this awesome plugin review the features on the website.

Hide My WP is the most popular security plugin on the Envato marketplace. To try this plugin before buying, download Hide my WP Lite version. Stay connected for more such useful posts on WordPress security and Attack Prevention tips.