Hide My WP for Website Security – The best New Year present you can give to yourself

With the New Year, there come new resolutions and new ideas. As a WordPress website owner, you might have been outlining strategies to keep your site feature-packed and proficient enough to drive revenue. One thing that you may or may not have been pensive about is security. 

WordPress being an open-source and freely available software is vulnerable to software hacks. And so, ensuring that your site is updated and free from such attacks, you need to take certain measures. Let’s see: 

Strong password

SSL certificate

Secured Hosting

A solid Plugin for safeguarding your website… 

Wait, what? You still haven’t deployed any anti-vulnerability add-on within your WordPress site? 

Either you are not worried about the site or you haven’t yet heard about any good security plugin. Whatever is the case; here’s your solution –

Hide My WP – WordPress Security Plugin

One of the leading extensions, Hide My WP is an exceptional security plugin that offers a range of benefits to keep your website safe, sound and secured from hackers and spammers. 

Installing and activating the WordPress security plugin, hackers can never trace your site over the web. Hide my WP is so designed that if not only enhances the resistance of your website against hackers, robots, bad written extensions,  spammers, etc. but at the same time, it allows you to customize the URLs and have a better say over the WP website. 

The Features 

Protect your site without modifying or altering its core files with hide my WP.

Brute force attack being one of the simplest ways to intrude on the site is the most opted for way. It is proven that the majority of the WordPress websites are hacked through this. Using this security plugin, you can seamlessly hide all your vital files and folders. 

Hide my WP has the ability to block users with unauthorized access to the site. Also, it enables an environment where the admin can righteously modify the permalink structure and RSS feed to make it hard for hackers to intrude in the system. 

How to Install it?

All of the features are definitely eye-catching and luring to motivate you to install the plugin. But how? How are you going to install it? 

Not sure? Let’s have it then. 

  1. You need to first start with downloading Hide My WP.
  2. Hover around the site and click on settings. Click on Plugin and Add New. 
  3. Now, upload the zip file that you’d downloaded in step 1. 
  4. Install and activate it to get started with securing your website. 

Final Word

It’s high time that you spend some money and integrate the Hide My WP, the safety guard within your website. And there’s good news for you. This festive season, you can avail a 20% discount on the purchase of the plugin. So, what are you waiting for? Grab the offer before the deal ends and secure your website on the go.