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Common Attacks on WordPress Websites

We have come a long way since the beginning of the internet in the late 1900’s and it has been progressing rapidly. But this journey of development has had its ups and downs which still persist in the form of common attacks on various domains and websites.
WordPress Websites are not new to the dangers such …

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6 Best Things You Must Know About WordPress Security

Many website owners complain about the security of WordPress. The reason is that an open script remains exposed to all types of attacks. Is that a reality? And if it is so, then how to protect your WordPress website?

Fortunately, the lack of inbuilt security in WordPress is a myth. Sometimes it is the other way …

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Best WordPress Security Plugins!

WordPress is amongst the most popular and widely known blogging platform.  It supports a variety of websites ranging from a simple blog to full-featured entrepreneurial websites. WordPress security plugins are considered to be the most important in today’s scenario.  Due to its fame, many hackers are interested in hacking those websites which use WordPress. So, …

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