Scan My WP

Second security plugin from wpWave for WordPress. This plugin marks another milestone in security of your WordPress website.

Scan My WP uses an external wordpress security scanner (api.scanmywp,com) developed by wpWave from the ground up. We use industry standard open source tools to scan your website in order to gain iWordPress Security Scanner - Scan My WPnsights on the potential security weaknesses in your website. 

List of tools we use to scan your website (growing rapidly):

  • wpscan (WordPress Vulnerability Scanner)
  • nikto (Web Security Scanner)
  • wfuzz (Common Files and Folders Checker)
  • retire.js (Javascript Vulnerability Scanner)

These are some of the tools used by professional ethical hackers and penetration testers to test security weaknesses in a website specially WordPress. 

Use our plugin to know about your website’s security vulnerabilities before the bad guys do! 

Compatible with Hide My WP plugin