Protect Your Website From Malware and Hackers Using the Best WordPress Security Plugin

This article explains the best security practices you need to follow, the best WordPress security plugin on the market, and how can it secure your WordPress website.

WordPress is considered to be one of the best open-source applications that provide many tools and features for website owners. However, it also has its own flaws which can be exploited by hackers when you don’t know how to properly configure it.

WordPress is the most used CMS platform and one of the easiest to hack. There are many thousands of websites that have been hacked in the past few years.

WordPress security is a huge topic and in this article, I will be outlining the security practices you need to follow, the best WordPress security plugin on the market, how can it secure your WordPress, and certain things that you need to know to improve your overall website security.

Website Security is one of the most important concerns of any site owner. Watching on the rise of attacks from hackers and malware, you have to know what to protect your WordPress site against.

The recent attacks on WordPress websites have left many users with a renewed sense of urgency when it comes to securing user data. It is no longer optional. Hackers can gain access to either inside data or to the entire site by simply being able to upload malicious code.

A hacker may do anything they want to your site. This means adding malicious code, brute force attacks, adding spammy links, hosting other files such as viruses and worms, or even create a back-door to gain access to your website whenever needed.

Protect your WordPress with 5 Easy Steps

Protect your WordPress with 5 Easy Steps
Protect your WordPress with 5 Easy Steps

We all try to do our best to keep up with the massive security changes regularly made in WordPress. However, it is a big job and a full-time commitment that few of us have time for when running an online business or site.

The most important factor in WordPress security is how you use your WordPress site. This includes the way it’s set up; what plugins and widgets are used; how often it’s accessed, updated, and backed up; and whether or not it’s used for financial transactions. However, there are a few best practices that can bolster the intrinsic security of WordPress.

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Securing your site requires constant diligence and if you miss something, you may end up missing a lot. So here are a few measures you can take to harden your WordPress install:

#1 Choose a Good and Secure Website Hosting

WordPress is the most popular self-hosted content management system in existence and now controls more than 23% of all websites. As a result, hackers target it with malware in an attempt to control thousands of sites from your web host. Always make sure your web host has the latest anti-malware, spyware, and phishing protection installed.

#2 Take Regular WordPress Backups

This is your lifesaver; you will very probably be spared a number of painful problems such as server breakdowns, attacks on your host, and more if you can regularly take backs up your website.

#3 Keep your WordPress Installation Up-to-date

Make sure that your WordPress installation is up-to-date, one thing hackers can do is to “exploit” various vulnerabilities on your website that have not updated its WordPress. This is easy to do (usually with just one click) and must not be ignored!

#4 Secure login credentials for your website

Make sure that you not only have usernames and passwords that you are hard to imagine but that you are sometimes securing them, you can opt for a local password management tool or generate random passwords with multiple characters and letters. If possible do not save it on your website/anywhere online.

#5 Avoid Installing unknown WordPress Plugins and Themes

Stay away from installing any not-so-popular WordPress plugin that just got recommended in one of the ads. Mostly spammy ads and browser popups do recommend stuff that you most search for. So, it’s always better to do proper research and installing only known plugins and themes on your website that have been used by many others too.

So, it becomes very important to secure your website to make it less exposed to security attacks and other coordinated attacks. Security Breaches cost your business an unprecedented amount of money and trust that will be difficult to regain after such incidents.

What more can be done to actively protect your WordPress Website?

There are many established ways by which you can secure your WordPress. If you are a techie or have sound coding knowledge you can configure and secure your website solely and may not need to refer to this article.

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However, if you aren’t much into the technical stuff and anyway want to secure your WordPress website then ‘Plugins’ are the way to go.

The good news is, there are several security protection plugins available on the web that can help protect your WordPress site from malicious scripts, codes, and URLs. But choosing the best is always a little bit difficult task for WordPress users.

To make this task simple we would highly recommend you to check out the Hide My WP – WordPress Security Plugin. Hide My WP is a top-rated security plugin that can be used for securing WordPress websites in an efficient manner.

Why choose Hide My WP as your go-to WordPress Security Plugin

Hide My WP – Best Security Plugin (Explainer Video)

Hide My WP has been a popular name in the WordPress Security arena and has improved massively to counter the ever-growing number of security threats and is fully capable to block guided attacks even before they enter or cause harm to your website.

This popular security plugin hides your WordPress from Attackers, Spammers, Bots, and Theme Detectors. It is able to achieve this by hiding the names of Themes and Plugins including the plugin/theme name, and by changing the wp permalinks.

Hide My WP follows a 3-way Protection Mantra

  1. Hide/Rename WordPress files and paths to bluff the attackers at the very beginning
  2. Smart Intrusion Detection System nullifies and auto-blocks lethal attacks
  3. Creates a Protective Shield around your WordPress where it can detect bad IP addresses and prevent unknown attackers from gaining access to your website.

Hide My WP plugin can actually prevent access to your wp-login.php and wp-admin.php files. It can rename/hide your website login URL from the bad people, make them think that this is not a WordPress website, It can easily be done with just one click in the plugin settings. This makes it really hard for hackers to find out whether your site is running on WordPress or not, thus they may think twice before trying to hack it.

Want to experience the power of Hide My WP right now? Here’s a quick demo, Go to this link: this is a test WordPress website that is running the Hide My WP Plugin, try to find if this website gets detected by any of the Theme Detectors like isitwp, ScanWp, Wappalyzer, or any other tool of your like.

Enjoyed it? Didn’t you? To know more about the plugin capabilities visit Hide My WP Test Page and find more such cool stuff!

The Hide My WP can protect your Website from undiscovered vulnerabilities all thanks to its Smart Intrusion Detection System (IDS Engine). The security plugin can save your precious website from SQL Injection Attacks, CSRF, XSS, Brute Force, and other targeted attacks.

The Plugin even notifies you via. an email when suspicious activity is detected on your website by providing you complete details of the attacker including the Username, IP Address, Page Attacked, Time of Attack, etc.

Hide My WP is capable of maintaining and updating a trusted network that immediately gathers information about the attackers and bots to blocks them on all fronts. You can even direct the security plugin to blog IP addresses coming from specific countries if you are constantly receiving regular attacks from them to be extra-safe.

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Hide My WP Security Plugin can protect your website from New Attack Patterns and ensures your data remain safe from modern Zero-Day Attacks.

Hide My WP has a clean, simple and easy to use dashboard that provides you with clear insights and briefs you with the security status and health of your website.

Hide My WP makes it very easy to identify and be updated with the number of intrusions blocked, IP Attacks Blocked, go through the list of 10 blocked attacks by the Smart IDS Engine and view the list of the 10 IP Addresses that the plugin was able to catch during the attack.

Striking Features of Hide My WP – WordPress Security Plugin

Striking Features of Hide My WP - WordPress Security Plugin
Striking Features of Hide My WP – WordPress Security Plugin

Hide My WP is an essential Security Plugin for every WordPress website. But what makes it so important and must-have is that the features it comes with. The plugin is loaded will advance features and attention to minute details make it the Best WordPress Security Plugin.

  • Ability to replace any words in your HTML output files
  • Ability to Hide Login Page with Login Query and Admin Login Key
  • Side admin receives Email Notifications whenever someone visits the 404 page
  • Ability to hide other files including license.txt, wp-includes, wp-content, debug.log, etc.
  • Compress HTML Output and remove comments from the website’s Source Code
  • Ability to track Admin Activities and monitor cookie values
  • Ability to rename each plugin folder with a custom codename
  • Ability to minify HTML and CSS to remove info and other comments
  • Ability to Choose a Custom 404 Page
  • Ability to remove WordPress default Tag line i.e. Just another WordPress Blog
  • Ability to enable IDS Firewall for Frontend as well as Backend
  • Ability to remove unnecessary menu classes, wp-classes, and clean-up body classes
  • Tested for Compatibility with multi-site, apache, Nginx, IIS, other security plugins, and premium themes.
  • Professional expert support to anyone looking to find their way through the plugin.

And, many many more.

This extreme protection enables your website to stay up all the time without letting you constantly monitor the security of your beloved website. Now, Let Hide My WP handle the security of your website whereas you can focus on other important things and be least bothered managing the security of your WordPress.


There are endless ways you can harden your WordPress security. Using unique and clever passwords, updating core and plugins, and choosing a secure host are just a few. Outdated plugins can leave huge holes in your security, so make sure you are running the latest versions of all plugins.

Having a dedicated WordPress Security Plugin that looks after your website and handles security threats 24×7 is the best security mechanism to instill on your website. This makes Hide My WP the best choice that is actively helping thousands of businesses and WordPress users secure their websites.

Hide My WP has garnered 28000+ sales on CodeCanyon and is one of the few Trending Security Plugins coming from an Envato Elite Author. So, no need to worry about its authenticity and compatibility.

If you have a pre-sales question you can reach out to WpWave Support anytime or comment on your question on Hide My WP Comments section the support team will get back to you at the earliest.

Don’t want to purchase the plugin right away you can try Hide My WP Lite it is lightweight, easy to use and comes with limited set of features.

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