Hide My WordPress from Cybercriminals and Detectors

Once you’ve developed a WordPress website or blog, the first step is to make sure your site is protected against hackers and other kinds of assaults. WordPress sites can be assaulted in various ways and an excellent way to defend your website from harmful attackers is to install a WordPress security plugin.

Hide My WPis one of those plugin that work to make your site safe and secure in the event of an attack.

Hide the fact that you use WordPress with Hide WP Plugin

Nobody can know that you are using WordPress Plugin is the best security WP plugin to protect your entire website or blog from cyber hackers and web spy threats by using WordPress security platform. You can readily conceal your identity by using this WordPress security as you can conceal what you use. It’s a wonderful tool with strong features. It also has over 10,000 valued clients and will grow day by day. It has more breathtaking features and influential options in WordPress security that every blogger wants.

Hide My WP plugin operates by hiding your WordPress URLs that hackers usually misuse to access your website. It operates like a wall against all kinds of attacks, including SQL injection, CSRF, brutal force, XSS etc.  It comes with a free, premium version. The free version operates for all kinds of sites except Nginx, IIS, and multi-sites, while the premium version operates for those sites as well.

The Hide My WP plugin provides your website with three layers of safety that are:

  1. Layers of Lite,
  2. Custom, and
  3. Ninja

The Lite layer hides your website’s admin and login URLs. In addition to hiding them, the custom layer renames the admin and login URLs. The Ninja layer hides and renames all of your website’s links to provide full hacker security.

Some other excellent feature of this plugin is that it alerts the website owner who is in danger by giving all the hacker information, including username, IP address, date, page, etc. This helps to identify the attacker in the event of an attack readily. Configuring this WordPress security plugin and customizing it according to your necessity is very simple. It is consistent with all kinds of topics and plugin to keep your WordPress site safe and secure regardless of the theme you use. It also compresses the site’s HTML output and removes all of the source code’s remarks.

To sum up the benefits of this WordPress security plugin, here are all the characteristics offered by Hide My WP plugin:

  • The WordPress security plugin cleans all body classes and removes the menu classes that are not in use to keep the website clean and safe.
  • This WordPress security plugin makes it easy for the owner of any WordPress site to protect the site’s URL against malicious attackers wanting to access it.