Best WordPress Security Plugins!

WordPress is amongst the most popular and widely known blogging platform.  It supports a variety of websites ranging from a simple blog to full-featured entrepreneurial websites. WordPress security plugins are considered to be the most important in today’s scenario.  Due to its fame, many hackers are interested in hacking those websites which use WordPress. So, it guarantees the security of data and website in the world of increasing security attacks like hacking and botnet.

In this article, we shall discuss the best WordPress security plugins which are most beneficial for you.

The concept of WordPress Security and Plugins

With regards to plugins, the concept of WordPress security is very simple. The plugins with the following features must be considered by you:

  • Strengthens the security of WordPress
  • Monitors and keeps a check on the activities of WordPress
  • Safeguards it from external attacks

                                 Strengthening  WordPress  Security Plugins

These kinds of Plugins are used to :

  • Automate the procedure for renaming the database table prefixes of WordPress
  • Changing the ID of the administrator of WordPress
  • Renaming  the default administrator account of WordPress 
  • Changing the URL login page of WordPress

Firewall Plugins of WordPress

These types of Plugins :

  • ‘Sit’ between the  hacker and your  WordPress
  • Verify  each HTTP request trying to access the blog or website of WordPress
  • If  considered to be malicious, it is dropped instead of passing over to WordPress

Monitoring and Auditing Plugins of WordPress

These type of plugins :

  • Check the productivity of the users
  • Can be used for meeting the compliance and legal regulations
  • Enables you to track the activities of hackers
  • Helps to identify  the security loophole so that you can close it down

You are now well acquainted with these concepts and in a better position to select the right WordPress security plugin for your WordPress. You must make sure that you are closing every entry door which can be exploited by the nasty attackers.

In this regard, Hide My WP is amongst the best Word Press security plugins. It’s features are  :

  • Hiding WordPress  from hackers, theme detectors and spammers
  • Hiding  login URL of your WP and renames the URL of the admin
  • Identifying  and  blocking  SQL injection kind  of security attacks on your Word Press website
  • Combination of strengthening  WordPress  security plugins, firewall plugins, and monitoring and auditing plugins
  • As for now, it has over 25,000 satisfied clients 
  • To control  the access to the files and folders lying on the website
  • Also works with Nginx. The user is required  to write access to the Nginx config file
  • Supports sub-directory and sub-domain multi-sites. However, the site admin must use network admin panel for configuring HMWP for the whole network.

Hide My WP on codycanyon is the sole official plugin used for hiding your WordPress website. We are an exclusive author at Envato and do not intend to sell anywhere else.