Top 7 Best WordPress Plugins To Use

Wondering which WordPress plugin to use for your website? Here are the top 7 WordPress plugins to improve the website's security, efficiency, and effectiveness.

If you are a WordPress user, you must have already heard of WordPress plugins. A WordPress plugin is a software add-on that will enhance the functionality/features of your website. But there are multitudes of plugins available; which ones are the right ones for you? From the pool of WordPress plugins, I’ve chosen the seven best WordPress plugins that will help improve your website.

Though it’s not necessary to install a plugin on your website, having the right tools will prove to be the right choice to make. The best part of WordPress is that it allows you to customize it the way you want, represent it the way it best seems to you, and implement all your creative ideas through your websites. When given a choice, why not grab it? Pick any of the plugins listed in the article to make your website more effective and efficient.

Top 7 best WordPress Plugins to use

Best WordPress Plugins To Use

Some may wonder if it is necessary to use plugins for their websites, but there’s no correct answer for that. The plugins you should use for your website will depend on your website needs. However, there are a few basic requirements for your website that needs the assistance of WordPress plugins. We can categorize these basic needs in the following way:

  1. WordPress security plugins.
  2. WordPress plugins for business.
  3. WordPress plugins for efficiency and effectivesness.

Here is the list of the top seven WordPress plugins that you may find constructive.

Hide My WP

Hide My WP is the best and popular WordPress security plugin that helps you protect your website from being hacked. Hide My WP has many features that can build barriers around your website, like:

Hide My Wp security plugin
  • It lets you hide or rename the themes and plugins folders, hide your WordPress, and helps you change WordPress permalinks.
  • It will help you hide the login page of your website to prevent brute-force attacks. This feature will help you set up a login query and login key.
  • It has a firewall that can block attacks like SQLXSSCSRF, read arbitrary files, and brute force attacks.
  • It notifies you of any attack and details regarding the attack like:
  1. Value (How they hack you?)
  2. Page (Which plugin did they use?)
  3. Impact (How dangerous is that?)
  4. IP/ users (Where are they from?)
  • It will assist in hiding or renaming WP-admins and will disable direct access to PHP files and directory listing.
  • It will let you minify HTML and CSS.
  • It will allow you to change anything in your source code and has anti-spam included.

Hide My WP also has a free version of it, named Hide My WP lite; check it out if you want to see how a security plugin can be helpful.

Scan My WP

Scan My WP is a WordPress security scanner plugin that scans your website to find out the vulnerabilities. It uses various tools to test if any backdoors can lead hackers into your website.

Scan my wp

Hackers find a way to gain access to your website through security vulnerabilities. However, if you find the vulnerabilities before the hacker and fix all the security issues, you can protect your website and prevent unauthorized people from gaining access to it.


Projectopia is a project management plugin helpful for business and freelancer websites. It has many features like Lead Generation, Clear Communication, Client Management, Preparing Quotes/Estimates, and more that will make managing a business website a lot simpler.


It is the best plugin if you want an effective add-on to improve efficiency among your team. Some of the best features of Projectopia include:

  1. Workflow control,
  2. Role-based team members,
  3. Client dashboard,
  4. Quotes and estimates,
  5. Form Builder,
  6. Tasks with timer,
  7. Automated invoices.

Quiz And Survey Master

Quiz and Survey Master

Surveys are the best way to find out what your users expect from you. If you have a business website, then your only motive would be to satisfy them. Using the Quiz And Survey Master plugin, you can create a survey to learn more about your customers and do your best to reach their expectations. This plugin is not only limited to surveys but can also create quizzes. You can create surveys and quizzes using the plugin for the following:

  1. To send feedback surveys and polls,
  2. To create a quiz to engage with your visitors,
  3. To conducts exams and tests.

The plugin allows you to offer WooCommerce discount coupons based on the outcome of the test/quiz you conducted.

Tatsu Builder

tatsu builder

We all love to be creative, so why not display our talents through our websites? Do you want an attractive and user-friendly web page? Check them off of your to-do list because Tatsu Builder is there for just that; use Tatsu builder to customize how your web page looks. An impressive and creative web page will urge the users to check out your content and give you a chance. Hence, it is crucial how you represent yourself through your web page. Tatsu Builder can assist you in the following ways:

  1. It lets you set custom margins,
  2. You can create interactive columns,
  3. It has tailored options for every module,
  4. It allows you to drag and drop sections to easily re-arrange them,
  5. It has a dark mode by default and an elegant User Interface(UI),
  6. You can create as many layouts as you want and save them as templates for further use,
  7. It also has a header and footer builder.

Responsive Menu

Responsive Menu

If you maintain a business website, you already know that keeping the website organized, easy to navigate, and user-friendly takes up the top spot in the priority list. You can achieve such a web page using the Responsive Menu plugin. Here’s what Responsive Menu can do:

  1. It lets you take control and customize your menu on mobile, tablet devices, and desktop menu.
  2. It includes 20+ Button Animation.
  3. It allows you to add a Header Bar to your site.
  4. You can select an individual icon out of over 600 font icons for every menu item of your choosing. You can also choose to use your custom HTML if you please.
  5. You can use hand or mouse-controlled touch gestures like swiping or keyboard commands like Esc or Space to open and close the menu. 
  6. It supports multi-lingual sites and allows you to change different elements of the plugin based on the language you use.



Scraper is a visual scraper tool that allows you to fetch content from any website on the web. Using only the URL, you can set up a serial scraping method in only 20 seconds. It has both single and serial scraping methods. A Single Scraping method scans only one page and retrieves content from that page to update post content. It can be valuable for collecting exchange data or some information that constantly changes.


WordPress plugins help improvise and customize your website to your liking. We may or may not always require plugins and, it all depends on what we want for our website. There are so many WordPress plugins on the internet that offer various kinds of services.

However, there are few basic needs of the website that will speed up the plugin selection process for your website. There are plugins like the Hide My WP, Scan My WP that help secure your website, and plugins like Projectopia, Quiz, And Survey Master increase the efficiency of your business website.

Other plugins like Tatsu builder, Responsive Menu, and Scraper help improve your website efficiency and functionality. Every plugin strives to provide you with the best service; all you have to do is choose the right one for your website.