2 new free tools inside – Scan My WP and Detect My WP

Introducing Scan My WP and Detect My WP - 2 new free tools to enhance security of your WordPress sites. More details inside.

wpWave (makers of Hide My WP) introduces two new FREE tools for the WordPress community today.

Scan My WP

Scan your WordPress sites using our state of the art scanner for free. We have integrated four industry leading scanners – wpscan, nikto, wfuzz and retirejs for you to scan your websites for security vulnerabilities.

Install the free plugin today – http://wordpress.org/plugins/scan-my-wp

Detect My WP

If you are worries if your WordPress website is visible to hackers or detectors? Enter your website URL into detectmywp.com and check yourself. We query many famous detectors to check if WordPress can be detected or not.

Try it here – https://detectmywp.com/

Hope you will like them. Feel free to reply to this email to send your feedback and bug reports.

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