Require if you're private. Get it from HERE
It may take some time so we notify you by email.
Do not close the window until see the result. Emails may go to SPAM folder. If you got 504 error try again a few minutes later.
Due to current server load you can only back up your own stream, you can come back later and backup groups, lists, comments or even liked streams! Possible Values:
  • Empty means your own stream
  • "filter/discussions" Streams with your comments (requires remote_key)
  • "USERNAME/likes" Streams with your likes (requires remote_key if username has a private feed, change USERNAME to your username)
  • "GROUPMNAME" a Group replace GROUPMNAME (requires remote_key if group is private)
  • "list/LISTNAME" a List replace LISTNAME(requires remote_key)

Main code from Claudio Cicali