Lock your website from malicious hackers

The WordPress Security Plugin is a very stable platform. Nevertheless, by using a security plugin that implements a lot of good security practices, it helps to add some additional security and firewalls to your site.

The WordPress Security plugin will take your website security to a new level. Designed and written by professionals, this plugin is simple to use and understand.

Through testing for vulnerabilities and implementing and enforcing existing suggested WordPress security plugin practices and techniques, it minimizes security risks.

The WordPress Security Plugin also measures how well you protect your site based on its security features, using an unprecedented grading system of security points. WordPress Security Plugin is not slowing down your website and is 100% free.

For security reasons such as brute force login threats and malicious attacks, this plugin may collect IP addresses. The information collected will be stored in your database. No information will provide the status of third parties or remote server locations.

Spam protection

The WordPress Security Plugin eliminates spam comments, spam contact forms, registration spam, spam trackbacks, pingback spam and any other WordPress spam types. The plugin acts as a firewall to ensure that your commenter’s are indeed human and that those people are not spamming you. WordPress Security Plugin protects from spam such as:

  • Track the most active IP addresses that produce the most spam comments and immediately block them by clicking a button.
  • Stop submitting comments if it doesn’t come from your domain (this should reduce the posting of some spam bot comments on your site).
  • To add protection from message spam, add a captcha to your WordPress comment form.

Note: Automatically and permanently block IP addresses that exceed a certain number of comments labeled as SPAM.